Mediterranean Garden

A timber deck and pavilion sit harmoniously within the landscape facing an open body of water. The garden features an olive grove and a mist and light element.


Balinese Garden

The Balinese Garden represents a tropical wilderness setting and features Balinese pavilions, decks and timber structures as well as wind chimes and palm trees.


Water Garden

The Water Garden features elevated decks over water, and fountains and seating areas along the lake and also forms the confluence of all the water bodies that flow through Al Barari.


Renaissance Garden

The Renaissance Garden incorporates the five basic elements of water, fire, earth, metal and wood, which are the fundamentals for historic landscape philosophy.


Contemporary Garden

The Contemporary Garden is defined by its hard and angular lines which form a stark and architectural element in the space while the water channel that flows through it forms the heart of the design.


Woodland Garden

The biggest of the themed gardens, the Woodland Garden, features specially designed social spaces for residents, and trees form the major element in the garden.


Showcase Gardens

Set amidst the verdant greenery and soothing babbling brooks of Al Barari, the showcase gardens are located near The Farm restaurant and adjacent to Heart & Soul spa and wellness. We regularly host wellness workshops and Yoga sessions in the showcase gardens.


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