Flora & Fauna

With over 60% of Al Barari dedicated to seemingly endless greenery, this green heart of Dubai consists of over 18.42 million-square-foot with 500 different kinds of plants. Al Barari features 6 themed gardens, namely the Mediterranean, Balinese, Water, Renaissance, Contemporary and Woodland Garden in addition to the Showcase Gardens.

We have not merely planted a few trees to green up the area, we have developed verdant greenery, waterways, streams and lakes and built homes within nature.



Trees include Citrus aurantium, Coccoloba uvifera, Fotunella margarita, Garcinia subelliptica, Jacarenda mimosifolia, Olea europaea hybrids that range from 75 to over 300 years old Pongamia pinnata and Pontederia ovata.

Shrubs include Atriplex canescens, Atriplex halimus, Atriplex semibaccata, Agave angustifolia marginata, Agave attenuate, Agave filifera, Carissa grandiflora, Duranta repens Blue, Dianella tasmanica vaiegata, Gardenia jasminoides, Juncus blue arrow, Sansevieria trifasciata, Yucca filamentosa, Quisqualis indica and Jasmine grandiflorum.



Al Barari is focused on natural waterways management practices which include native fish populations within the waterway system to control mosquito larvae and water insects. The 'living waterway system' and use of aquatic plants encourage the waterway’s own ecology and a variety of naturally occurring habitats. Nearly-extinct Arabian Killifish have survived and thrived in the waterways of Al Barari.

Apart from being adjacent to the royal enclave and natural reserve, Al Barari has a variety of wildlife. Butterflies and dragonflies flutter about the community, birds gather near our lake and waterways. Desert foxes, deer, peacocks, sand gazelles, hares, fruit bats and a variety of birds and insects roam free in the estate.


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