Al Barari Playground
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Nestled amidst the lush greenery and serene surroundings of Al Barari, Al Barari Playground is a luxurious haven for play that has been crafted where families can come together to create lasting memories and connect with nature. Committed to inspiring playful exploration among children and adults alike, the playground is not just a place to swing and slide; it's a place where imaginations take flight, creativity blossoms, and the spirit of adventure comes alive in nature. Families are encouraged to explore, discover, and learn together through a variety of innovative and stimulating play experiences.

Petit Z
Cultivating culture

Our kids club is a space which gives both children and adults the opportunity to play and create. Whether you're looking to design something for your home, a scrapbook, or make a headdress, catch a dream, or craft a vision board; our kids club has all the tools needed to take you right back to your uninhibited self.

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