The Residences

The Residences, the original project of the Al Barari vision, is a collection of beautifully finished luxury villas and is home to the current Al Barari community. Surrounded by sumptuous greenery and waterways, the four villa types include Acacia, Bromellia, Camellia and Dahlia.

The 189 family homes range from 12,700 square feet to 16, 500 square feet. They are surrounded by six themed gardens, one lake, and extensive waterways and walkways.

Acacia16,488 square foot luxury villa with 6 en-suite bedrooms
Acacia, Luxury Villas at Al Barari Acacia
Bromellia14,918 square foot luxury home with 6 en-suite bedrooms
Bromellia, Luxury Villas at Al Barari Bromellia
Camellia13,858 square foot villa luxury villa with 5 en-suite bedrooms
Camellia, Luxury Villas at Al Barari Camellia
Dahlia12,713 square foot luxury home with 5 en-suite bedrooms
Dahlia, Luxury Villas at Al Barari Dahlia

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