Team Angel Wolf

Al Barari is proud to support Team Angel Wolf, a remarkable team with a unique mission in the Middle East and internationally. Team Angel Wolf is a family with a child who has severe special needs. Together with him, they will participate in fitness challenges and give monthly inspirational talks at schools and corporations to help spread the message about living in the ‘now' and appreciating life


Al Barari participation in Give a Ghaf

Special Olympics

Al Barari made a donation to the UAE Disabled Sports Federation for Special Olympics to support the UAE Special Olympics Team during the games held in Los Angeles in the summer of 2015.


Dubai Cares

Al Barari supported the 2015 Dubai Cares Ramadan campaign. The 'We Can Teach Each Other' campaign emphasises the abundance of talent and resourcefulness amongst children in developing countries, as well as the responsibility of the international community to help empower these children through education.


Al Barari Social Service for Dubai Cares

Give a Ghaf

Green Works is Goumbook’s main partner in the Give a Ghaf program: each plant in Green Works is diligently tended to by a team of experts who secure the adequate temperature, wind and soil consistency for every leaf on the premises. Green Works, together with Goumbook, welcomes individuals, groups and corporations to share the passion for nature, plants and environmental sustainability.


Al Barari participation in Give a Ghaf

Local community

Green Works continues to host children from schools across the UAE as well as special needs schools such as the Safe Center for Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome. As part of its effort to support the local community, Green Works plants and sows seeds together with the children, educates them on the importance of sustainability, and teaches them how to grow plants.


Al Barari service to Local Community


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